Wind Speed Correction Module


WSC, short for Wind Speed Correction, is one of the main components of the Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model (FPHLM). This module aims at refining open terrain wind speeds produced by the hurricane Wind Model with respect to the actual terrain (based on land use-land cover).

The inputs to the module are storm information (radius of maximum winds and location of storm center), u and v components from one-hour snapshots, roughness length for open terrain, and exposure data information, namely, the numeric IDs of the policies and their latitude/longitude coordinates.

The system can generate three-second gust winds and one-minute peak winds from both actual terrain and open terrain. The output winds can be generated for residential policies, i.e., winds at a 10-meter height, or for commercial residential policies, in which case winds are computed between 1 and 15 levels, starting at 10 meters with 10-meter increments.

About the Web site

This web site link is It allows authorized users to submit a WSC task, which consists of one or more WSC jobs that are set up and run independently of each other. In order to submit the task, the user must provide a set of configuration parameters. Please, sign in for additional information on how to use the system.