Insurance Loss Module


ILM, short for Insurance Loss Module, is one of the main components of the Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model (FPHLM). Based on the wind speeds generated by the Wind Speed Correction Module and a set of vulnerability matrices/curves that have been pre-computed for typical buildings, this module estimates the physical damage to the exterior, interior, and contents for each policy in an insurance portfolio. In addition, it estimates the additional living expenses and the vulnerabilities for appurtenant structures.

The damages to the buildings are then translated into expected insured losses on the basis of the policies' exposures. The computed losses are aggregated in a variety of ways to produce a set of expected annual hurricane wind losses and produce probable maximum losses for various return periods. The expected losses are reported by construction type, by county or ZIP Code, by policy form, by rating territory, and combinations thereof.

About the Web site

This web site link is It allows authorized users to submit an ILM task, which consists of one or more ILM jobs that are set up and run independently of each other. In order to submit the task, the user must provide a set of configuration parameters. Please, sign in for additional information on how to use the system.